Dinosaur Museum

In 2006, our “Dino” Museum opened. We have seen over 1000 visitors since May 15th. Along with several local artifacts, arrowheads, dino vertebrae and teeth, we have a wonderful display of Maiasaura, Troodon, Tarasaurus, and our own Gryposaurus. We will continue working on improving our Museum.

Our Dino Museum is working in conjunction with the Museum of Rockies. This allows us to rotate the dinosaur displays. Our gyrposaurus is in five large casts. As the volunteer workers at the Museum of the Rockies clean up the cast, we will display more and more of the gyrposaurus. When complete, the display will look as if he laid down in the coulee bank.

Work is continuing as ‘more are being dug’ from the coulee bank north of Rudyard.

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